Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Patriots Safeties in MUT Rated

If you want full details on how I utilize these players in different defenses and the Abilities that I use on them, here is a YouTube video breaking down each of the players:

These ranking are for MUT, I have already broken down the Cornerbacks on the Patriots Theme Team (check bottom of this post for the link). The safety position in MUT is important because you can utilize a lot of these players at not only the FS/SS position, but also play them at Cornerback as well as at the Sub Linebacker position. In Madden ’22, Linebackers will not animate or jump up for INTs like the way the Defensive Backs will, so having Safeties at the LB spot is the meta in MUT and Madden ’22 in general. 


re are both the Safety positions ranked for a Patriots Theme Team (Only ranking players that get Patriots Team Chemistry and have a Power Up. 

Free Safety:

  1. Duron Harmon
  2. Adrian Phillips
  3. Logan Ryan
  4. Devin McCourty

Strong Safety:

  1. Kam Chancellor*
  2. Rodney Harrison
  3. Eric Rowe

[* Cam Chancellor gets every team chemistry in MUT in Madden ’22, so he is included as a Patriots player.]

Rated Cornerbacks: