Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fire Zone 2 (4-3 Over) Blitz

Fire Zone 2 in 4-3 Over is a good blitz for edge pressure, there are several ways to set the play up, below you will find what I think is the best play. If you watch the above video, I will also show you additional setups for this blitz as well.

Download a .pdf version of this setup:
Fire Zone 2 .PDF


1. Base Align
2. Pinch Defensive Line
3. QB Contain
4. Re-Blitz ROLB
5. Put LOLB in Bluff Blitz
6. Hover LOLB between C and RG for Dual edge pressure or RG and RT for just left edge pressure.


Put fastest LB at LOLB spot. Also, good block shedding is super important!