Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Patriots Cornerbacks in MUT Rated

Here is a guide for those of you thinking of starting a Patriots Theme Team in Madden ’22, today I will discuss the Cornerbacks and rate them from best to worst. I am only rating the players that have Power-Ups; so no golds or silvers. 

Fastest Patriots MUT CBs:

  • Deltha O’Neal - 94 Speed
  • Jason McCourty - 94 Speed
  • Mike Haynes - 93 Speed
  • Aqib Talib - 93 Speed
  • Darrelle Revis - 92 Speed
  • Stephon Gilmore - 91 Speed
  • JC Jackson - 91 Speed
  • Malcolm Butler - 90 Speed
  • Jonathan Jones - 90 Speed

Patriots CBs Rated:

  1. Deltha O’Neal
  2. Jason McCourty
  3. Mike Haynes
  4. Aqub Talib
  5. Stephon Gilmore
  6.  Darrelle Revis (5B*)
  7. JC Jackson (5C*)
  8. Malcolm Bulter
  9. Jonathan Jones

So as far as Gilmore, Revis and Jackson go; Gilmore is the better overall card if you look at all of his attributes. JC Jackson gets 2x Patriots Theme Chemistry for those of you just starting out which might be more useful. Revis is faster than Gilmore by 1 speed and some of you may prefer the speed over the other attributes. 

Some things to consider, when you have a 50/50 Patriots theme team you will gain +2 speed to all players who have the Patriots team chemistry. You will also get other attribute boost with 50/50 as well. You can get additional attribute boost with the strategy cards; including speed, man coverage, zone coverage, etc.