Thursday, December 16, 2021

JC Jackson Stocking Stuffer Hero

The long national nightmare is over, America's team finally got an upgrade to JC Jackson in MUT. Jackson got the "Champion" card in the Stocking Stuffer program in Ultimate Team. The Stocking Stuffer program featured 32 players, 1 from each team, and 2 Champions: JC Jackson for the AFC and CeeDee Lamb for the NFC. 

The JC Jackson item gives the Patriots theme team a nice boost to the defensive backfield with what you could argue is the best defensive backfield in Madden Ultimate Team. Jackson, along with the OOP Cordarrelle Patterson, and Ty Law item gives them 3 of the best cornerbacks in MUT, also the fastest CBs in MUT; especially when paired with either of the Zero Chill or Stocking Stuffer strategy card. 

JC does have 2 attributes that are not that enticing; pursuit and agility. You'd like to see them a tad higher, but the agility isn't as terrible as the pursuit, which is really bad. Also, his tackling and block shedding are not the best, but those attributes fall in line with most other CBs in the game. 

The JC Jackson item looks great on a 50/50 Patriots theme team. Check the video above and skip to the 3:51 in the video to see the Jackson card fully powered-up on a Pats theme team.