Sunday, June 5, 2022

FieldSENSE in Madden '23

 "FieldSENSE is the foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay that gives you more control at every position and affects every game mode in Madden NFL 23.

Fueled by new physics-informed animation and animation-branching technology, FieldSENSE makes gameplay more authentic bringing more variety and realistic, physics driven outcomes. 

FieldSENSE comes to life in Madden NFL 23 in four major ways, through new control mechanics that we’re calling: Hit Everything, Skill-Based Passing, 360° Cuts, and WR vs DB Battles. We’re starting on the defensive side of the ball with Hit Everything."

FieldSENSE is a new feature in Madden '23 that will improve upon the realism of what we got with the next-gen consoles (PS5, Xbox X/S) where the movement of the player felt more realistic than ever before. 

The biggest feature of FieldSENSE is going to be the Skill-Based Passing, where you can lead passes more accurately to try and hit those back shoulder fades to your WR or TE, or lead the ball to a WR coming over the middle so the trailing defensive back wouldn't be able to make a play on the ball. Of course, this has a skill gap to it, as it isn't as easy and just leading passes like we currently do in Madden '22. 

To use the Skill-Based Passing mechanics you will need to hold LT/L2 while moving the Left Analog stick to the location you want to throw the ball, this allows you to place the ball outside of the shaded ellipse. You will hold LT/L2 place the ellipse, then select the WR/TE/HB you want to throw the ball to. It seems complicated but, once you play with it for a couple of days it will feel natural.

Here is an example of Skill-Based Passing:

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the ellipse, but, the more difficult you have it set, the more of an advantage you will have in the game. 

Lastly, using this new passing system isn't a requirement; but, if you want to play H2H MUT or Madden Regs at a high level, I would assume you should practice using it and master it.  

Yes, Madden has had similar features in previous Madden's; such as Madden '06 QB Vision (QB cone) and Madden '18 Target Passing. Skill-Based Passing feels way more polished than both of those game features, especially Target Passing in Madden '18, which was very similar; but, didn't feel as polished as what we are getting in Madden '23.