Thursday, August 26, 2021

Beat Man Coverage with this Route Combo Every Time!

As Madden '22 currently has issues with zones not working properly, or at least it feels that way, a lot of MUT head-to-head players are running Man defense, instead of a Zone defense. I see a lot of players using Cover 2 Man, which is a Man defense with both safeties in Deep Blue zones. A lot of times they will but the Deep Blues into other zones though. 

In this video below I show you 2 routes you can use that are very effective against Man Coverage. 1 of the routes is a Angle Route with your Running Back, this route destroys Man Coverage most of the time. The route is a Drag Route with the Tight End, which also will work well against man coverage most of the time because you most likely will have a slower Linebacker manned up on the Tight End. 

Keep in mind, this video is in practice mode against the AI. In a H2H game, your opponent will have his user on the field, as well as he could make other adjustments that could take 1 or both of these routes away. 

As an aside, Tight End Corner Routes work well against Man defense as well!  

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

How to properly use QB contains in Madden '22

Some people online are complaining that QB contains don't work on next-gen (PS5, Xbox Series X/S); but, they do work, it is just the users are not adjusting their defense correctly. I am not sure if this is a bug, or an intended purpose to increase the skill gap in Madden by EA, but in this video I will show you how to properly use QB contains. 

Keep in mind, your defensive ends matter, and contains will not work 100% of the time, but they are effective if you adjust your defense correctly!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Madden 22 Quick-Sell Training Prices

  • 62-65 OVR - 4 Training
  • 66-69 OVR - 6 Training
  • 70 OVR - 10 Training
  • 71 OVR - 12 Training
  • 72 OVR - 15 Training
  • 73 OVR - 18 Training
  • 74 OVR - 21 Training
  • 75 OVR - 26 Training
  • 76 OVR - 31 Training
  • 77 OVR - 38 Training
  • 78 OVR - 46 Training
  • 79 OVR - 56 Training
  • 80 OVR - 110 Training
  • 81 OVR - 160 Training 
  • 82 OVR - 230 Training
  • 83 OVR - 340 Training
  • 84 OVR - 490 Training
  • 85 OVR - 710 Training
  • 86 OVR - 1030 Training
  • 87 OVR - 1500 Training
  • 88 OVR - 2180 Training
  • 89 OVR - 3150 Training
  • 90 OVR - 5000 Training
  • 91 OVR - 7000 Training
  • 92 OVR -
  • 93 OVR -
  • 94 OVR -
  • 95 OVR -
  • 96 OVR -
  • 97 OVR -
  • 98 OVR -
  • 99 OVR -

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Madden ‘22 Patriots MUT Power-Up Cards

Current Players:

- Stephon Gilmore - Devin McCourty - Trent Brown - Dont’a Hightower - Matthew Judon - Hunter Henry - JC Jackson - Kyle Van Noy - David Andrews
- Jonathan Jones - Shaq Mason

- Darrelle Revis

Former Players who get Pats team chemistry: - Tom Brady - Rob Gronkowski - Chandler Jones - Akiem Hicks - Joe Thuney - Trey Flowers - Logan Ryan - Brandin Cooks
- John Hannah
- Joey Galloway
- Cam Newton
- Jamie Collins
- Malcolm Butler

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Patriots Power Up Players in Madden '21

Players in Madden 21 who get the Patriots Team Chem on Power-Up cards

Adalius Thomas
Akiem Hicks
Albert Haynesworth
Antonio Brown
Asante Samuel
Barry Sanders
Ben Coates
Brandin Cooks
Corey Dillion
Chad Johnson
Chandler Jones
Cordarrelle Patterson
DKamien Harris
Danny Shelton
David Andrews
Darrelle Revis
Devin McCourty
Dont'a Hightower
Duron Harmon
Eric Rowe
Hunter Henry
Jalen Mills
James Harrison
Jamie Collins
Jason McCourty
JC Jackson
Jimmy Garoppolo
Joe Thuney
John Hannah
Jon Bostic
Jonathan Jones
Julian Edelman
Junior Seau
Justin Coleman
Kyle Brady
Kyle Van Noy
Matt Light
Matthew Judon
Richard Seymour
Randy Moss
Rob Gronkowski
Rodney Harrison
Sam Mills
Shaq Mason
Shaun Ellis
Shawn Springs
Stephon Gilmore
Tom Brady
Trent Brown
Trey Flowers
Vince Wilfork

Here is a checklist of Patriots cards, not just Power Ups (I need to update it, but it is a good starter list):

Madden 21 - Patriots Franchise Real Roster Download

As MUT has died down, at least in terms of gameplay fixes and updates (which next-gen really never got), I have found myself playing Franchise a lot more than I usually do in Madden this year. I have gotten bored with playing MUT, even though I do enjoy building the Patriots theme team. With that said, I have updated the Franchise rosters to match a lot of the off season moves that not only the Patriots have made, but, also the other 31 teams in the NFL in Madden 21. Including Draft Picks for up to the 5th round for some teams, and the 4th round for all teams.

If you are interested in downloading this roster for your franchise, and you play on the PlayStation 5, you can search my PS5 user name: NEPlaybook in the File Sharing Section of Settings, where you download Rosters at. The file name is NEPlaybook22, you can search by that keyword as well. I thing it is easier to search by my name though, as I only have file uploaded.

If I make any changes to the roster, or if the Patriots make any moves before Madden ’22 drops, I will update it. I will update this post, as well as my video on YouTube with the file changes.

Friday, March 5, 2021

MUT Heroes Julian Edelman

MUT Heroes has returned to MUT in Madden '21, albeit a little later than normal, but here nonetheless. The Patriots theme team got two new players; Julian Edelman who is a 95 OVR, and Kyle Van Noy who is a 97 OVR. Both cards look fantastic on a Patriots theme team, espeically the Van Noy who might be the best LB on the Pats theme team; although he doesn't get Lurker, so Sam Mills might still hold that crown.

The one aspect I like about Edelman is he is currently the only wide receiver who gets the Playmaker ability, and he also has 98 speed, which is great for a slot WR who I will mostly use on curl, drags and flat routes to utilize the Playmaker ability when needed!

Here is the video review of both players: