Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Gun: Ace Slot Offset - PA Post Shot

This is the one play in the Gun Ace Slot Offset that has the big 1-play potential every snap of the ball; while other plays in this formation are great, this is the play that I feel gives you the best chance at the 1-play touchdown.

The setups that I like to use are as follows:


1. Put your outside WR on a Fade Route
2. Pass block your left side TE
3. Put your RB on a Check and Release Route
4. Motion your outside WR from the left to the right, hike the ball after he gets set


1. TE
2. Slot WR on his Post Route
3. RB on his Check and Release Route

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1. Block your left side TE
2. Put RB on a Wheel Route
3. Motion over your outside WR, once he is set, put him on an In Route


1. TE on his Crossing Route
2. Outside WR on his In Route
3. Slot WR on his deep Post Route
4. RB on his Wheel Route


I like to put my fastest WR in the outside WR position, and my best route runner on the inside (slot) WR position; but, I mix and match what I am doing during a game so I don't always have my players setup like this. For this particular play though, I feel, this is the best way to setup your subs. 

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