Thursday, August 26, 2021

Beat Man Coverage with this Route Combo Every Time!

As Madden '22 currently has issues with zones not working properly, or at least it feels that way, a lot of MUT head-to-head players are running Man defense, instead of a Zone defense. I see a lot of players using Cover 2 Man, which is a Man defense with both safeties in Deep Blue zones. A lot of times they will but the Deep Blues into other zones though. 

In this video below I show you 2 routes you can use that are very effective against Man Coverage. 1 of the routes is a Angle Route with your Running Back, this route destroys Man Coverage most of the time. The route is a Drag Route with the Tight End, which also will work well against man coverage most of the time because you most likely will have a slower Linebacker manned up on the Tight End. 

Keep in mind, this video is in practice mode against the AI. In a H2H game, your opponent will have his user on the field, as well as he could make other adjustments that could take 1 or both of these routes away. 

As an aside, Tight End Corner Routes work well against Man defense as well!