Friday, March 5, 2021

MUT Heroes Julian Edelman

MUT Heroes has returned to MUT in Madden '21, albeit a little later than normal, but here nonetheless. The Patriots theme team got two new players; Julian Edelman who is a 95 OVR, and Kyle Van Noy who is a 97 OVR. Both cards look fantastic on a Patriots theme team, espeically the Van Noy who might be the best LB on the Pats theme team; although he doesn't get Lurker, so Sam Mills might still hold that crown.

The one aspect I like about Edelman is he is currently the only wide receiver who gets the Playmaker ability, and he also has 98 speed, which is great for a slot WR who I will mostly use on curl, drags and flat routes to utilize the Playmaker ability when needed!

Here is the video review of both players: