Sunday, June 6, 2021

Madden 21 - Patriots Franchise Real Roster Download

As MUT has died down, at least in terms of gameplay fixes and updates (which next-gen really never got), I have found myself playing Franchise a lot more than I usually do in Madden this year. I have gotten bored with playing MUT, even though I do enjoy building the Patriots theme team. With that said, I have updated the Franchise rosters to match a lot of the off season moves that not only the Patriots have made, but, also the other 31 teams in the NFL in Madden 21. Including Draft Picks for up to the 5th round for some teams, and the 4th round for all teams.

If you are interested in downloading this roster for your franchise, and you play on the PlayStation 5, you can search my PS5 user name: NEPlaybook in the File Sharing Section of Settings, where you download Rosters at. The file name is NEPlaybook22, you can search by that keyword as well. I thing it is easier to search by my name though, as I only have file uploaded.

If I make any changes to the roster, or if the Patriots make any moves before Madden ’22 drops, I will update it. I will update this post, as well as my video on YouTube with the file changes.