Thursday, March 4, 2021

The end of Madden

This is not the news the Madden community deserves. I know this was about FIFA; but EA does the exact same thing with Madden. EA basically paid lots of money to get this to go away, so they can continue to control the sliders during competitive online gameplay so you'll be encouraged to buy more packs to build a better team.

DDA is terrible and shouldn't be anywhere near any online competitive game mode. Leave it for offline games against the AI; that is fine. This is why MUT has come to an end for me personally. DDA on next-gen is even stronger; I feel like it is a testing bed for what they're going to do (and further ruin) with Madden '22 and beyond!

This is why Madden '19-'21 have been the worst Madden's ever. Rex left, and now we are stuck with a bunch of do-boys!