Thursday, August 30, 2018

Gun - Ace Slot Offset Scheme

Over the next few weeks I will be updating this post with new play setups for the passing plays out of this formation, for now, here are the running plays that I use and how I run them in head-to-head online Madden games.

Run Game:

Inside Zone - This is the best running play in this formation, with a good run stick you will gain plenty of positive yardage.

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Power O - This is a nice play to mix in with the Inside Zone, it will keep your opponents off balanced as you will be bouncing it to the outside versus running the inside with the Inside Zone run.

01 Trap - This is the go to run if you see your opponent in a 3-man front, especially if they are in a Nickel 3-3-5. Run it up the gut for big yards.

You can download the "eBook" for the running plays if you would like. I will try to keep these updated throughout the years.

Gun - Ace Slot Offset:


Download on Google Drive:

Gun Ace Slot Offset - Running Plays (.PDF)
Gun Ace Slot Offset - Levels Y Sail