Monday, September 3, 2018

Gun: Ace Slot Offset - Levels Y Sail


This is my favorite passing play out of this formation. The Table Route with the running back is just deadly unless they are playing Hard Flats, which not many people play Hard Flats in Head to Head online Madden games. If your opponent is in Hard Flats, your Tight End on his Post route will be open a lot of the times. It is a High/Low read to the right side of the field (unless you flip the play).

My favorite setup for this play, which you can find the eBook below (Google Drive download link), along with several other setups for Levels Y Sail, is as follows:


  • Block left side TE
  • Fade inside Slot WR, motion him from the left to the right and let him get set before hiking the ball

1.RB on Flat Route, or Table Route.

2. TE on post, if the safety follows the Slot WR on the fade route,
then your TE should be open. Pass lead or bullet pass is the
best option.

3. Outside WR on In Route.

4. Occasionally, you will see the Slot WR who you put on a fade,
all alone deep down the field, pass lead up for the 1-play TD.

Download Gun Ace Slot eBooks on Google Drive:

Gun Ace Slot Offset - Running Plays (.PDF)
Gun Ace Slot Offset - Levels Y Sail