Friday, August 24, 2018

PA Y SHOT in Singleback Tight Slots

This is one of my favorite plays out of the Singleback Tight Slots formation. I have several setups like I like to use out of the PA Y Shot play, in the video above I share 2 of the ways I setup the play. While I don't think the second setup is a good as it was in Madden '18, I still think it is a terrific play to use in game, especially in head-to-head games to throw off your opponent.

The only downside to the Tight Slots formation in the Patriots playbook is that the running plays are not that great. So it is hard to mix in runs in Tight Slots to throw your opponent off. The Dive and the Draw are the only 2 running plays I would use, if you do use the Dive, be sure to motion over the outside WR to confuse your opponent into thinking your a passing the ball.

Take this play to practice mode, then take to some online games and use it against your opponent.

Singleback Tight Slots


Inside slot; fastest WR
Left outside WR: best route running WR

Passblock RB
Fade O/B WR
Motion over from left to right Square/X WR

1. TE on crossing route
2. Square/X WR on drag route
3. Triangle/Y WR