Sunday, August 26, 2018

PA Slot Corners (Trips TE)

This is one of my favorite plays, out of my favorite Gun formation for Madden '19. There are many ways you can setup up this play, such as putting your Circle receiver on a Hitch route, and running the play as is. The way shown above is the way I feel works well in head-to-head online play, as it forces the user to pick and choose who to defend. With 2 crossing routes, the user will have to decide who to cover as they can't defend both routes. You will also find that both crossing routes will get behind Cloud zones, and most purple zone, that don't really play any route well (even though they're better than they were in '18).

I plan on doing an entire scheme video for this formation for Madden '19 in the next coming weeks. Stay tuned!


PA Slot Corner

Fade TE
Block RB
Motion over Circle receiver, and snap when he is past the TE

1. Triangle
2. Circle
3. Sqaure