Thursday, August 23, 2018

Singleback Y Trips Scheme

This is my Singleback Y Trips scheme out of the New England Patriots playbook. It is probably my favorite formation out of the Singleback set.

PA Boot Rt video:

Time Stamps:
Audibles: 0:42
PA Boot Rt: 2:52
PA Stretch: 4:04
PA Draw Shot: 10:13
Playbook: 16:04

The run plays don't really need an explanation, so I didn't cover them in this video. But I do recommend mixing in these 2 runs with the pass plays:
HB Power O
HB Stretch

Some of the other plays in this formation are really good, but, I didn't really feel the need to cover them because there is not much to cover with plays like Four Verticals, etc...

If there is a play that you would like to look out, or a different setup for a play I did go over, feel free to comment below. I am always looking for new ways to run plays in Madden.

Singleback Y Trips play art: