Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Go DBL Post

This has been one of my favorite plays to run in Madden the last few years, I know it seems like I always say that, but, it is true. I looked at my Madden play stats from '18, and I ran this play over 11,000 times last year. What makes this play so great is that crossing routes force the defensive user to pick and choose between routes, and both the post and the slant just seem to get open against all defenses. Also, in Madden '19, crossing routes are really good, especially with there not being zone thresholds this year! I have several setups that I use with this play, depending on the defense that I facing. Below is the setup that I use 90% of the time, the only thing I may change up is what I do with my running back. Sometimes I leave him on his route, I may also keep him back for a pass blocking protection, or I might put him on a check and release route so I get both blocking and still have him as an option as a check-down.

Gun - Trips Y-Flex

Go DBL Post

Flip play
Fade Tight End
Put Slot receiver on a slant route
Motion slot receiver from left to right, hike when he clears the RT

Slot receiver on slant
Outside WR on deep post
Check-down to RB