Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gun: Bunch - PA Post

I run this play in a lot of short yardage situations, such as 3rd and 4, when I need a big play to get a first down. I find it very effective against most defenses. I have even tested putting the Square/X receiver on a drag route to create a crossing pattern between the receivers in the middle of field, which is really hard for a user to defend.

The Play:

Guns Bunch
PA Post


Audible TE to drag
Audible RB receiver to Out to Right.

What to look for:

Your read should be TE (R1) first, then WR (O), and your last look should be for RB (Triangle) in the flats. Now if you have time in the pocket, and depending on what defense your opponent is running, you can also look for the (Square/X) receiver on the circle route. The circle route are really effective this year against zone defenses, especially zone 3 and zone 4 coverages.


Head to practice mode against random defenses and give this play a look. Try putting the Square/X receiver on a drag and see which route you are more effective with. The Square/X receiver is not my main read, but putting him on a drag can really throw off a user defender who is playing the MLB in the middle of field. Most of the plays out of the bunch formation are effective, this just happens to be the 1 play I trust to always get me those few needed yards.