Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gun: Y Off Trips Pats - Doubles In

This play is out of the Patriots playbook, I'd say I have about a 95% success rate running this play, the only time I fail with this play is either if I get sacked, or if I overthrow the pass. This is one of my favorite plays to use when I am deep into the redzone, it works on any play from within the 10 yard line, but, I like to use it when I am inside the 5 yard line, so that the receiver makes his In route at the very back of the endzone.

The Play:

1. GUN

Set Up:

Depending on if I see a blitz or not, the only adjustment I will make is to audible my RB to block; but, only if I think they are blitzing. If I feel they are blitzing then I will block with RB, and put the X receiver on a drag.