Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gun: Tight Slots - PA Flood Shot

The Play:

  • GUN - Tight Slots: PA FLOOD SHOT

The Set-up:

  1. Y Receiver: Put him on a Fade route
  2. B Receiver: Put him on a Drag route
  3. RB Receiver: Take him off of Play Action, and put him in Pass Block

The break down:

This play is most effective when the ball is on the right hash mark. This play is best when you have a lot of field in front of you as well. This play is not great in the Red Zone!

Your 2 main reads are are as follows:

A Receiver is your first read, wait for him to get to the middle  of the field. Usually when he gets around the left hash mark he will be open. Sometimes you will need to wait a bit longer for him to get to the other side of the left hash mark. This is your deep play read, when you need big yardage, this is effective.

B Receiver is your second read, he will normally be open against almost all defenses, even cloud or hard flats. Read the defense.

Possible 3rd Read:

Also, depending on the defense you are facing, your X receiver might be open as well. Again, read the defense and hit the right receiver. I find the A read to the best read! The X receiver can be hit deep, but a wrong read will result in an interception!

Play Art: