Monday, January 20, 2020


Ace Slot Offset in the New England Patriots playbook is not only my most used formation, it is probably my favorite formation to us as well. I like that I can sub-in lineman for TE’s for better blocking, or utilize dual TE’s to expose holes in defenses with fast, great catching TE’s in MUT such as Kittle or Gronkowski.

One of the plays that I like to run when I see my opponent running a lot of 3-4 Odd: Cover 4 Drop Show 2 is the play called China Doubles In. Doubles In utilizes 2 corners routes which is deadly against Cover 4 in general, but it works really well against Cover 4 Drop Show 2.

I have several adjustment for China Doubles In that I like to use; so, I will share with you two of my favorite setups for this play:

Setup #1

1. Put the Slot WR on a Flat Route
2. Streak the outside WR

In this play, you want to read the left side TE (TE # 2), and make your throw either on his break, or once he gets behind the ROLB (on the left side of screen). Just pass lead the ball into the open window. You will also have check downs with the Slot WR on the Flat Route, as well as the RB on his Flat Route.

Setup #2

1. Put the Slot WR on a Drag Route
2. Streak the outside WR
3. Pass Block TE #1
4. Motion over the HB to the left side
5. Put the HB on a Flat Route (must have Hot Route Master for this setup)

The reads are the same as above, except this time you have the Slot WR coming across the middle on the Drag Route.