Saturday, January 12, 2019

Singleback Wing Slot Scheme - Setups

Singleback Wing Slot is a formation that I use a lot in Madden '19, I really like the 2 Tight End setups and what I am able to do with the passing plays in this formation, as well as several of the running plays that I can mix in to keep my opponent off balanced. Enough of the chit chat, here are the setups for each play, as well as videos showing you how to setup each individual play in this scheme:

Entire Scheme Video:

Individual Plays

X Curl:

Sometimes I will drag Square WR and put the RB into a Pass Block.

This is a really good red zone play with both Tight Ends having excellent routes that you can look for when you are close to the end zone, between the 1-5 yard line!

PA Boot LT:

Pass block Running back
Drag TE #2

Slot WR on Corner Route
TE on Drag
TE on In Route

PA Post Shot

Fade Circle WR
Out Route TE
Smart Route TE on the Out Route

Jet 6 Drive Wheel

Streak Circle WR
Fade TE #1
Pass block RB

Inside Cross

Setup :
Pass Block RB
Fade route TE #2

PA FL Dive:

Setup #1:
Pass Block RB
Pass Block TE #2
Streak TE #1
Put Outside WR (Square) on slant

Setup #2:
Pass Block RB
Streak TE #2
Motion over slot WR (circle) and put him on Smoke Screen

PA Y Cross Flood

Pass Block RB
Pass Block TE #2

Sometimes I will drag my TE #2 for as a check down option. You could also put the RB on a check and release as well.

PA Fork

Max Protect
Block RB
Put TE #2 on Out Route (Smart Route)
Put Slot WR on Streak
Slide Protect to the Right

Running Plays

HB Zone WK
HB Stretch
HB Dive

TE #2 for FB with Lead the Way
Slot WR for a good blocking TE