Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How to run corner routes

Corner routes are one of my favorite routes to run in Madden '19, along with the deep crossing routes of course. Corner routes can be deadly if you make the proper read — in my opinion, my corner route setup is very easy to make the right read as you always have a high or low read, and sometimes you'll have an additional drag or In Route to look for.

I do recommend you have a Quarterback with excellent throw power to make some of these throws, I would say at least 96-99 would be the threshold I would want for most of these throws.

The setup for the corner route is almost always the same;

1. Corner route
2. Streak route
3. Flat route

You will always look to the corner route first, then the flat route. If you have a WR or TE on the other side on a Drag or In Route, then you would look to them last. You could also do a Check and Release with a RB for an additional read if needed. My favorite Corner Route play to run is out of Gun Ace Slot Offset, it is the play called Posts. I use this formation a lot, because I like running out of gun, and I like the 2 TE setups and Ace Slot Offset offers because I can also mix in runs with the nice passing plays in this formation. My second favorite is probably in Gun Bunch, and the play is Bunch Trail. I do run a lot of Pats Sail, and mixing in Bunch Trail is a nice way to confuse your opponent and keep the ball moving down field.