Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cover 3 Buzz (Nickel 3-3-5 Wide)

Setup #1 - Base Setup

  • Base Align
  • Put Cloud Flats on the field
  • Put Middle Linebacker into a Middle Third (Deep Blue)
  • Put Strong Safety into a Hook Curl (Yellow Zone)
  • Put ROLB into a QB Spy, if they have a mobile QB; if not put him into a different zone and user him! 
I mix up who I use in this setup, between my ROLB and Safeties, I use both Free Safety and Strong Safety, usually I will user the weak side Safety.

Example: TE and Fullback are on the right side, I will user the left side Safety (Free Safety)

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Setup #2 - PA Crossers

  • Base Align
  • Play Over the Top coverage, leave purple zones, and play Over the Top
  • Man up your Strong Safety on the Slot WR
  • Man up your Free Safety on the TE
  • Put your Right Outside Linebacker on a QB Spy
  • User your Middle Linebacker
You user job is to take away the inside WR and/or the TE if he is on a streak. It is a pick’em situation. You need to read the field!

Also, if the QB rolls out, push down on your Right Thumb-stick, and send the QB spy for the sack.

Setup #3 - Playing the Flats

  • Base Align
  • Play underneath coverage
  • Put your Strong Safety into a Hook Curl (Yellow Zone)
  • Put your Middle Linebacker into a Middle Third (Deep Blue)
  • Put your Right Outside Linebacker in to a QB Spy
I normally user the ROLB, if there isn’t a mobile QB. Sometimes I will put my ROLB in a Curl Flat (Purple Zone) and user one of the Safeties.

Setup #4 - Run Defense

  • Base Align
  • Blitz all of your Linebackers (I sometimes spread my Linebacker out, and I will pinch my defensive line)
  • Put your MLB into a Middle Third (Deep Blue)
  • Put your Strong Safety in to a Hook Curl (Yellow Zone)

I user one of the Safeties, usually the weak side Safety. I will also bring the other Safety into the box.

You can also user the MLB, but if you user the MLB, and he is using a Play Action, you can be beat deep over the middle.

It is all about having a good feel for the game, and trying to decide what is best for what you think your opponent is doing in the game.

I also have a blitz that I use out of this formation, I didn’t show it in the video; but, the setup is as follows. It isn’t the best blitz; but, it does come through enough times for me to use it in game several times. It is nice to mix up what you are doing to keep your opponent on his toes!

Setup #5 - Blitz

  • Base Align
  • Put Hard flats on field
  • Put MLB in Middle Third (Deep Blue)
  • Put safety in Hook Curl (Yellow Yone)
  • Pinch defensive line In
  • Crash defensive line Out
  • Shift Linebackers to the Left
  • QB Contain
  • Put ROLB above Left Tackle, next to MLB

User MLB or Safety, I personally like to user the Safety when blitzing.

Also, you can blitz LOLB if you want to send 5 and get added pressure, if you do, the right side of the field will be open so you will have to user the Safety and control the right side of the field.