Saturday, October 31, 2020

Devin McCourty is the best Cornerback on the Patriots Theme Team

If you have a New England Patriots Theme Team in Madden ’21, then you should move D-Mac to CB and play him as your number 1 CB. He is better than every other CB on the Patriots theme team. 

How I play my secondary on my Pats theme team lineup;

  • D-Mac = CB #1
  • Samuel = CB #2
  • Gilly = CB #3
  • Harmon = FS
  • Rodney Harrison/Jonathan Jones = SS

If I am in a Nickel package and using Harrison as a MLB, then I will sub in Jonathan Jones at SS, just because he has a lot of speed. If you have Aeneas Williams on your team, then put him at SS always, and play Harrison at MLB in Nickel packages where a Safety can be the MLB. I don’t have Williams on my team, I use La’Roi Glover instead. 

Devin McCourty is faster, has higher zone, and his man coverage is better or equal to every Patriots DB currently in the game. Of course this will change over time, but for now, I recommend D-Mac at CB.