Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Patriots MUT Theme Team Player Spotlight - Duron Harmon

Duron Harmon is one of the best Free Safeties in Madden ’21. Currently he is in the top 4 for fastest FS in MUT; and he is number 1 in zone coverage.

Harmon is great on a theme team; but, he will play really well in a non-Patriots theme team as well, due to his high zone coverage and his top of the line speed! 

I consider him an A.I. player, by that I mean he is a player that I would let the A.I. control versus playing with him as my user. The main reason being that his high zone coverage allows him to play zones really well, and the A.I. will do a better job of manning a zone versus my user running around taking away the middle of the field. I also don’t consider Harmon a great user because his Agility and Change of Direction is lower than I’d like. 

I’d also like to note that if you're using a Patriots Theme Team, you can change Harmon’s position to SS, which is a weak link on the Patriots theme team.

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