Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Madden 21 Patriots MUT cards I need

This is a list of cards I am looking for in Madden '21; if you have any of these cards and want to trade them for someone of equal value, you can either DM me on Twitter (@neplaybook) or you can add me on the PS4, and when I accept the request, you can message me with which cards you have, and what you are looking for in return. 

My current list of cards I am looking for:

  • Rob Gronkowski - Superstar MVP LTD
  • Barry Sanders - Theme Diamond Master (gets Pats team chem)
  • Richard Seymour - 90 (Legend)
  • Richard Seymour - 88 (Legend)
  • Richard Seymour - 86 (Legend) 
  • Richard Seymour - 84 (Legend)
  • Richard Seymour - 82 (Legend)