Monday, November 4, 2019

Singleback Y Trips Ebook

This is the best passing formation in the Patriots playbook out of the Singleback set. It might be one of my favorite passing formations in the entire playbook. If you have a QB with Hot Route Master, or a WR with either Outside or Slot Apprentice this formation can be even more dangerous.

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Time Stamps:

WR Post - 2:22
PA Boot RT - 6:15
Bubble Screen - 12:42
PA Y Glance - 16:21
Curls - 20:59
Y Trail - 23:26
Pats Zig - 25:36
PA Y Stretch - 27:04
PA Draw Shot - 30:52
Stretch Alert X Lookie - 37:01
Pump HB Draw - 41:11

Audibles - 41:55

Play Setups:

WR Post -
Streak the Square WR
In Route the Circle WR

PA Boot RT -
Pass Block HB
Optional Slant or Drag (R1) Slot WR

Bubble Screen -
No Setup, can only run stock, but can make substitutions.

PA Y Glance (and Four Verticals)-
Setup #1
Pass Block HB
Drag Slot WR (R1)
Motion Slot WR over, snap ball while he is still in motion

Setup #2
Pass Block HB
Put Slot WR (R1) on Hitch Route and Smart Route it

Curls -
Pass Block HB
Put Slot WR (R1) on Out Route
Motion over Slot WR (R1) and snap past LT
Optional: Put Square WR on Slant or Drag

Y Trail -
Run Stock around 5-yard line
You can sub in tall TE at outside WR spots, players with high Spec Catching is ideal.

Pats Zig -
Run Stock inside or around the 5-yard line
Optional - Put TE on Curl Route or In/Out Route

PA Y Stretch -
PA Block HB
Put TE on a Streak
Put outside WR (right side / Circle WR) on a Drag route

Against Cover 3 -
Same setup as above; but, motion your Slot WR (R1)

PA Draw Shot -
Streak or Comeback Route Square WR
Streak TE

Stretch Alert X Lookie (RPO) -
No adjustments for the pass
Use motion snap with run

Pump HB Draw -
No Setup
You can use Motion to disguise what you are doing with other plays.

Download the .PDF verision:
Singleback Y Trips Written Setup