Sunday, November 24, 2019

PA Pats Cross

This play is from the New England Patriots playbook, it is in the following formation: Gun - Y Off Trips Pats.

This is a really good offensive play that you can use to beat most all coverages. You will need to have a QB that has Hot Route Master in order to get the “Cross” route for the left outside WR. I believe you can also utilize either Outside or Slot WR Apprentice as well for the 4 additional routes, that will include the Cross route.

Basic Setup:

  • Put (left side) WR into a Cross Route
  • Pass block with your HB
  • Put (right side) WR on a Drag route
  • Pass block with your TE
  • Motion your right side WR over, and motion snap

Keep in mind, this is not the only setup I use for this play. This is just a basic concept you can use against your opponent. Always try to read the defense and looks for holes in their defense, and utilize this play to the best of your ability. Also, always remember that your opponent will be user-ing somewhere on the field and can make adjustment before that snap that might take away routes, always try to read the defense before throwing the ball.