Wednesday, October 10, 2018

3-4 Odd: Will Blitz 3 Press

Will Blitz 3 Press was a really good blitz in Madden '18, and it still works in Madden '19. If you are looking for a good blitz out of 3-4 Odd, this is one I suggest adding to your arsenal. It is easy to setup, and it will come through at about a 50% success rate (keep in mind, not all blitzes are full-proof). 

Will Buck 3 Press Set-Up

Base Align (triangle - push right on
the left thumb stick)

Show Blitz - (triangle - push left
on the left thumb stick)

Squeeze Linebackers - (R1 - push
down on the left thumb stick)

Crash defensive line in - (L1 - push
down on the right thumb stick
[slant inside]

QB Contain - (L2 - R1)

Download .PDF setup: Will Blitz 3 Press (.PDF)