Monday, October 1, 2018

New England Patriots Alternate MUT Uniforms

In the above video I am taking a look at the new 1980's Classic Patriots uniforms, along with the Nike Color Uniforms for the New England Patriots. If you want to see how the uniforms look on the players in Madden '19, then you can skip to the about the 3:30 minute mark and I show them off.

The 1980's Classic uniform will cost you 3 Gold Tokens and 3 Silver Tokens to unlock the uniforms in Madden Ultimate Team. The Nike Color Rush uniforms will cost you either 500 MUT points ($5) or 50,000 coins.

Both uniforms look terrific; but, I prefer the 1980's Classic uniform, I feel they look better on the field and will help your team stick out more. One thing to note, both uniforms are the Home uniforms, so you can only equip 1 into your Team Visuals slot, which would be the Dark slot.

Brady in the 1980's Classic Patriots uniform:

Moss in the Nike Color Rush Patriots uniform: