Tuesday, October 23, 2018

3-3-5 Odd: Cover 3 Sky Show 4

3-3-5 Odd: Cover 3 Sky Show 4 (Flip the play)

Stock Setup

Setup for Blitz off right edge:

  • Base Align
  • Show Blitz
  • Crash Defensive Line to the right (Slant Right)
  • QB Contain
  • Move Slot Cornerback in so he is in contain
  • Hover with LOLB above the Right Guard (hold until CB is past line)

Optional setups:

  • Put MLB into Hard Flat/Cloud Flat
  • Shade Under or Over (Hard/Cloud Flat)
  • Put both Cornerbacks into Outside Quarter zones
  • Manually move Cornerbacks back a few yards to keep them from getting beat deep with the Show Blitz/Press

Blitz Setup

You can also disguise this blitz with pass coverage. The setup I use to mix it up for pass coverage includes a combination of Hard Flats and Cloud Flats. The setup is as follows:

  • Base Align (if they are not in a compressed set - Bunch/Tight Slots)
  • Shade over the top (put Hard Flats, then Cloud Flats)
  • Put Nickel CB into a Hard Flat
  • Put MLB into a Hard Flat
  • Hover over Right Guard with your LOLB (he is in a Hook Curl by default) - this will make your opponent think you are blitzing again

Pass Coverage Setup

Your role as the ROLB is to take away the middle of the field, you need to worry about Tight Ends on streaks, or any WR coming across the middle. Once the blitz comes off the edge, you need to drop back into coverage, I suggest a fast linebacker, if you have Shazier powered-up in MUT, he is an excellent choice!