Monday, April 23, 2018

Stephon Gilmore - 98 Overall Position Hero Review

End Game MUT Card?

Is the 98 OVR Position Hero Gilmore an endgame card for MUT? In my honest opinion, YES, he is! Some Madden players will want to dive deep into Gilmore’s attributes and look at the ratings of his Block Shedding, Tackling, or maybe his Pursuit. Looking at those stats and wanting them to be top tier is perfectly fine; the issue is the fact that even cards with 99 Block Shedding, for example, still get pancaked or get held up on run plays by low run blocking WRs. In that regard, the attributes don’t really add up to the number value placed on the card. Even though Gilmore meets the 91 threshold (supposing there is a 91 threshold for certain attributes) in Block Shedding and Pursuit, some MUT players will feel his attributes are not good enough. The funny part, those same MUT players will say that there is no difference between a cornerback with 99 Zone Coverage and cornerback with 91 Zone Coverage, so why should Block Shedding make a difference, if indeed it does?

The point I want to drive home, Gilmore is a coverage cornerback who will play the pass exceptionally! He has very good catching ability, he even has the Pick Specialist chem which is supposed to boost his play in terms of dropping an interception. Personally I can tell a huge difference in interceptions with Gilmore compared to the MUT Master Night Train Lane card; NTL will swat down way more balls than Gilmore does, Gilmore feels like he gets more interceptions.

Gilmore has 96 speed. That 96 speed is good enough to keep up with almost ever receiver in MUT right now, with the exception of a handful of cards. How much more speed can receivers get over the next 3 months of Madden? UL Randy Moss has 97 speed. UL Calvin Johnson has 96 speed. What receiver that hasn’t been released yet is going to not only be better than both Moss and Johnson, but also have much better speed? Don’t even mention Golden Ticket cards; they have not yet dropped as of me writing this. Most likely those will be the only cards with better attributes than the current UL Moss and Megatron card, and even then, you can match up different corners (by speed rating) on those MUT cards anyway.

How I use Gilmore

I play Gilmore in the nickel corner slot on my “God” squad in MUT, and on my all Patriots squad he plays at the #1 corner position. I mostly play with my “God” squad, and when Gilmore is on the field I am in 3–3–5 Wide, and I mostly run Cover 3 Buzz or Tampa 2. If I am in Tampa 2 and I am blitzing my nickel corner, I will swap Gilmore for NTL, because NTL does have better block shedding to help him get off those blocks and hopefully eat the quarterback for lunch! When I am in Cover 3 Buzz, Gilmore picks up the play action like a champ, he does have 99 Play Recognition after all, even though that is with Tier 12 Patriots training, Tier 4 Patriots, Tier 4 Block Shedding, as well as boost from Motivator players.

Here is a look at what Gilmore’s attributes look like on my MUT squad:

Gilmore is also great when you want to press, and I press quite often because I run into a lot of MUT players who are still running Tight Slot formations, which allows me to press, and not get beat over the top too badly most of the time. Gilmore has 99 Press, plus you can factor in his 96 speed which is good enough to keep up with almost every receiver in the game currently.

Is Gilmore worth is purchase price?

Currently Gilmore is around 300K - 375K on the PS4. I believe his is much more expensive on the PS4 than on the Xbox, but suggestion is to check MUTHead for the going prices of current MUT cards. To answer the question though, yes… but, there are other corners that might be less expensive who play just as good. If you have the coins, I think he is worth the investment, just don’t build his card in the Position Heroes set. It is much cheaper to just buy Gilmore from the Auction House, unless you don’t have the coins but have a ton of cards just sitting in your binder, in that case, build him for free!

Final Thoughts

Gilmore is a terrific card who currently has the best attributes overall at his position. Of course, as new cards drop his attributes might not be as boss-like as they are now, but, even if  new cards drop, he will still be a top tier card in MUT ’18. If you do not yet own the 98 Position Hero Gilmore card, I would highly advise you to give his card a look, you will not be disappointed.