Wednesday, March 7, 2018

4-3 Over: Will Blitz 3

This blitz is nasty, it will bring edge heat off of both sides of the offensive line, you can also set it up so that you get gap pressure as well. This is probably my favorite blitz out of 4-3 Over, just don't over use this blitz and be sure to mix it in with other plays out of the 4-3 Over defensive formation to confuse your opponent.

4-3 Over

Will Blitz 3 


Setup #1

Shift Defensive Line to the LEFT
Spread Linebackers
Blitz SS (right side safety)
Put LEFT Outside Linebacker in gap between LE and DT
User LOLB in gap (you can Bluff Blitz for more heat if you know they are passing, don’t bluff blitz if you’re not sure if they might run)

Setup #2

Base Align
Pinch Defensive Line
Crash the Defensive Line OUT (slant outside)
Pinch Linebackers

Setup #3 (fake blitz)

Shift Defensive Line LEFT
Spread Linebackers
Put RE and LE in Hard Flats
You can also put weak side defensive end into a QB spy if they have a fast quarterback