Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gun: Split Close Pats - Y Out

The Play:


The Set-up:

B Receiver: Put him on a drag route
Y Receiver: Put him in Pass Block
RB Receiver: Put him in either Wheel route, Curl, or Out route. Curl route works great against Cover 3, Wheel route works great against Cover 4, especially Cover 4 Drop 2!
Put B receiver in motion, and hike the ball right before he gets to the X receiver. You want to hike it while he is still in motion, don't let him get set or the play will break down!

The break down:

This is a boss play. If you make the right read you will get big yardage against most zone defenses, especially almost all Cover 3 defenses.

Your 2 main reads are are as follows:
B receiver should be your first read for short yardage gain.
X receiver is your big yardage read, if he is open in the middle of field, then you should gain at least 25 yards or more.
RB receiver is your last read, if he is on the curl, then you should get 7-10 yards. If he is on a Wheel, then you will get big yardage.

Lastly, the A receiver can be hit on his out route, but be careful. It is easy to get picked off trying to hit him on the sidelines.