Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gun: Spread Y Slot - HB Power

I feel this is the best running play in the Gun formation. This running play is great because it spreads the defense out across the field, opening up whichever side you decide to run to. I almost always gain at least 5 yards at the minimum, and a lot of times, I break open for a huge run of 20+ yards or take it to house.


  • Offense: Gun
  • Formation: Spread Y-Slot
  • Play: HB Power
  • O Line: Max Protect
  • Running Back: Follow the hole


If you are going to use this in your offense, you need to make sure you disguise your plays out of the spread, I will always put my TE (Gronk) in motion to the opposite side of the field. This way when you run the running play, the defense won't know if you are running or passing. If you are playing online, most good defensive users will play with the MLB, so you will have to be good on the sticks if he avoids the blocks.

The play is so effective because the Spread offense will do as it says, it will spread the defense thin on either side of the field, especially in man coverage.