Friday, May 4, 2018

Julian Edelman Signature Series Review

Let me jump right into this — speed and jumping ability on this card are not great; but, those attributes don’t need to be if you are utilizing Jules the way he should be used! This Edelman card is ideal for drag routes or C routes, his route running is 99, so he will run the routes you put him on like a mad man! Jules has 93 Spectacular Catch and 96 Catch in Traffic; so anything over the middle and he most likely will make the catch. In general, Julian Edelman cards play great for most MUT players, especially his Flashback card, which was a monster when it first dropped. I have a feeling this Signature Series card will be a lot like the Flashback card, in terms of being a terrific card in MUT.

Ignore the Speed Rating

A lot of Madden players, especially MUT players get hung up on the speed rating. Speed does matter, but, not as much as most MUT players like to think. My 98 Speed Ultimate Legend Randy Moss gets run down as much as any other [insert speed rating number here] speed rated card in MUT. That is not to say that Edelman is as good of a card as Randy Moss, he is not. Edelman is a nice compliment to Moss though. Having a tall fast receiver that can stretch the field is nice; but, you also need a receiver that can run routes really well, and will hold on to the tough catches in traffic — Edelman is your guy!

Jump Rating Matters the Most

The one attribute that affects this Julian Edelman card the most is the jump rating, together with Edelman’s height. Jules will not go up after high point passed balls, that is just the way Madden plays, and height + jump rating really make a difference when it comes to making those often used passes. Edelman doesn’t have the Aggressive Catch trait, so he will rarely ever trigger those jump animations that will allow him to go after the ball. The trick to offset this is to utilize Edelman the way he should be utilized, and high point passes are the not the proper way. Low point passes, or passes over the middle of the field are your friend!

A Catch God

Edelman will catch almost every pass thrown his direction, minus the hight point passes. He is best utilized on drags, or c routes, where you will find that even in traffic he will still come down with the catch. His player traits are all YES, except for Aggressive Catch, which is the trait that triggers that jump receptions on high point passes. Not only will Edelman catch everything; but, he will hand on to the passes most of the time also. Every receiver in Madden ’18 suffers from dropped passes, that is the nature of the game; but, you will find that Edelman will hold on to a lot of passes that other receivers routinely drop (Looking at Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson).

Worth it?

Yes, Edelman is worth the purchase price! Put him on your team in the slot position and use him in tandem with the likes of UL Randy Moss, powered-up AJ Green, and TE Gronkowski and you will find that you are winning more games in MUT than not.

You can checkout the full attributes of the Signature Series Julian Edelman card HERE.